Have hassle-free outdoor camping this season

As the weather is been very pleasant and ideal for outdoor activity, camping and to enjoy the natural landscape across the UAE.

Pack up your camping stuff, head out to enjoy the climate.

Before going out consider some important things while packing your car and heading out.

Camping equipment:

  • Tent
  • Blankets, Sheets, Sleeping bags
  • Firewood, Charcoal, match box or lighter
  • Barbeque grill, kettle
  • Plates and other cutlery
  • Aluminum foil, tissues wipes
  • Rubbish bags.
  • Ice box
  • Water for drinking & washing
  • Flash light


  • Make sure your phone is charged enough.
  • Make sure your car is in good condition (Check fuel, other fluid levels and tyre pressures including the spare one)
  • Check your camping equipment
  • Have appropriate footwears, which suits your planned location
  • Be prepared for the climate (Wind, drop & rise of temperature and RAIN in particular)
  • Try to set up your camp before sunset, otherwise it’s very difficult without natural light
  • Inform you friend or a relative about your plan (Location & approx. time of return)


  • Go alone
  • Transpassing private property (Private farm, beach)  without permission
  • Leave your food and other wastage on undesignated places
  • Start fire at undisgnated areas
  • Barbaque on place which is not allowed